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EXPAND SRL is an innovative start-up with share capital € 50,000.00 i.v. is established in the ICT and IOT market made up of enterprising young people, all having the same goal, the innovation of technologies. Information technology has always been at the center of the company's activity, carrying it forward with their own strength and especially their own efforts, the administrator and the partners dedicate many hours to work to raise the level of the company in the technological world. Today, EXPAND® "build the incredible" www.expandsrl.com is a registered trademark at European level with about one million turnover for year, the ambition of growth and precisely of expansion over several territories has always been the company's intent. Growth in our area is understood as know-how but also financial. EXPAND SRL has designed and created an ultrasonic vaporizer to contribute to the sanitization of environments in the covid-19 period. At the same time, we have developed software, the latter through a structured algorithm has contributed to the indexing of the product itself and therefore to the automatic sale. Therefore, EXPAND SRL is able to create processes starting from the creation of the product up to the distribution of it. The company aims to constantly evolve and improve its offer in the field of ICT and IOT, while remaining at the forefront with its organization. In addition, EXPAND SRL trains young learners of first and second grade secondary schools in the field of robotics, through PON FSE funds. Finally, we constantly participate in the design as technological partners in the context of PON FESR projects with various State Technical Institutes.

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Goals that require resolution:

  • disinformation: the role of fake news has never been so evident as in the last two years, where democratic elections all over the world were perhaps decisively influenced by fake social accounts with the task of disseminating false information built ad hoc to guide the vote of large sections of the population towards the candidate most liked by the attacker on duty (or whoever hired him);
  • online radicalization: the network, and in particular the dark web, is the fulcrum of the new jihadist propaganda as it allows terrorist cells to communicate, coordinate and conduct their activities even in the absence of a central command;
  • interruption of essential services: reason why the cyber protection of critical infrastructures has become the subject of the so-called NIS Directive, which imposes more stringent security obligations on operators of essential services, obligations to report cyber incidents and strengthens cooperation at national and EU level;
  • industrial espionage: it is well known that some states have assumed the theft of corporate know-how from more advanced countries as a real strategic objective.
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One of the attacks aimed at companies and therefore potentially at cloud systems is the Advanced Persistent Threat or APT, the main criticalities in protecting companies from this attack are essentially two:


  • The first is the high damage they can cause, further aggravated by the high level of effectiveness that they usually manage to achieve.
  • The second is the difficulty encountered by more traditional protection solutions in effectively countering them.